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Our Service

Given the specialised nature of the field and the scarcity of top skills, most candidates are sourced through head-hunting, as we know that they are not readily available in the market. Considering the mission-critical nature of their work, identifying, qualifying and placing engineers is one of our key services

Specialises in the Permanent, Temporary and Interim Recruitment of Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Supply Chain professionals across the globe.

Through our industry networks we are able to provide you with the latest information on market trends and salaries, who’s hiring and the professionals most in demand.

Our clients range from SMEs to Multinational Businesses and operate in a variety of sectors, including POWER GENERATION, MINING, OIL & GAS, FAST-MOVING and HEAVY MANUFACTURING, CONSTRUCTION and PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
Sourcing experienced engineers and other technical professionals can be a daunting task for any business.

Our recruiters know how to find the best candidates through effective sales techniques these consultants are experts in the field of engineering recruitment and focus on nothing else.


GOLDMAN TECH RESOURCING manages the recruitment processes for national and international client whilst creating an efficient and cost effective form of recruitment. We offer clients an experienced team to deliver an enhanced recruitment process.

Permanent Recruitment - We provide you with candidates and pre-negotiated fee is payable upon the successful hire
Temporary Employment Services - Contract assignments hire anywhere in the world

Project Recruitment Services - We have the experience to efficiently manage the entire process—handling everything from sourcing strategies to relocation support no matter how big or small your project.

Managed Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing– We serve as an extension of your human resources department, handling all employee management

Border less Recruitment Solutions - Move in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent shortages quickly and efficiently

Executive Search – Allows our corporate clients the freedom of recruiting from competitors without doing so directly

Retained Search – fine-tuned search & selection process that meets your needs.

Outsourcing - Full Outsourced Solutions entails us taking over complete operations and invoicing on a “per unit” basis

Additional Services – Pre-employment and references checks , tax advice, country orientation, risk assessment and security support, medical aid and travel insurances, visas and flights